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My name is Brahm Neufeld and this is my homepage.

I created this page as a resume-booster in 2010 as I was wrapping up my Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I've since pared it down to a couple interesting projects I've worked on. Follow me on Twitter or check out my oft-neglected blog.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, try [firstname].[lastname] (be sure to omit the square brackets).

Last updated September 2016.

Recent Stuff

  • Record Collecting - I restored and re-capped a NAD 3020 amplifier that my dad bought in the early 1980s, and cleaned up an Onkyo CP-1010A turntable. I am growing a small record collection and absolutely loving the sound.
  • Foxboro Scripts - at work I am finding many ways to work more efficiently on our massive Foxboro DCS. I am starting to get a few useful scripts hosted on Github. Check them out here.
  • Espresso obsession - my wife bought me a Baratza Virtuoso Preciso coffee grinder. I am now obsessed with making beautiful espresso shots.

Past Projects & Happenings


Click these links!

  • Actua - A national organization and charity for Canadian science camp and workshop programs.
  • Allen Browne's tips for Microsoft Access - this page has saved me more than once (here's why you can't edit data in a query).
  • The Consumerist - a great consumer rights and advocacy blog.
  • Discogs - Great place to learn about vinyl and expand your collection.
  • Domainr - a really cool tool for searching for custom domain names.
  • Google Charts API - generate dynamic and complex charts for free.
  • - software on your media device will track each and every song you listen to, then allow you to visualize that data like this or like this.
  • Riskopoly - Risk + Monopoly = Riskopoly, the game of capitalist imperialism!