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My name is Brahm Neufeld and this is my homepage.

I created this page as a resume-booster in 2010 as I was wrapping up my Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I've since pared it down to a couple interesting projects I've worked on. Follow me on Twitter or check out my oft-neglected blog.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, try [firstname].[lastname] (be sure to omit the square brackets).

Last updated November 2015.

Recent Stuff

Past Projects & Happenings

  • - This service allows you to build a custom roster spreadsheet for the original Nintendo game R.B.I. Baseball 3, and convert it into a working game file!
  • On March 11, 2010, I placed first in the College of Engineering's 60th Annual Kent Phillips Public Speaking Competition!
  • A simpler online fuel consumption monitor - I used to use to monitor fuel comsumption. While the site was functional, the English->German translation isn't perfect, and the features are not what I need or want. I started my own service from scratch with a cleaner interface and better features, like integration with Google Charts. New features will be showing up all of the time! My current mileage: Brahm's Stats or
    • Please note this project (as of 2015) is now horrifically out of date and no longer supported...
  • SCI-FI Science Camps 2009
  • Online Volunteer Sign-Up System - I wrote a multi-day volunteer sign-up system for Cameco Spectrum 2007 that I've just updated to support secure NSID authentication for volunteer events at the U of S.
  • Forensic Tracking Dots on Colour Laser Printers - a push for more information from industry regarding microscopic yellow dots that are embedded on each page printed on a colour laser printer.
  • SCI-FI Science Camps PAWS Tab - Personalized Access to Web Services for SCI-FI employees.
  • SCI-FI Science Camps Database & Registration Overhaul
  • Trendy Awareness Bracelets


Click these links!

  • Actua - A national organization and charity for Canadian science camp and workshop programs.
  • Allen Browne's tips for Microsoft Access - this page has saved me more than once (here's why you can't edit data in a query).
  • The Consumerist - a great consumer rights and advocacy blog.
  • Domainr - a really cool tool for searching for custom domain names.
  • Google Charts API - generate dynamic and complex charts for free.
  • - software on your media device will track each and every song you listen to, then allow you to visualize that data like this or like this.
  • Riskopoly - Risk + Monopoly = Riskopoly, the game of capitalist imperialism!